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Why Digital Puzzle is the #1 Digital Marketing Agency for Growth-Focused Businesses

But with so many options for digital marketing, how do you know which company is the best to propel your business forward? Look no further than Digital Puzzle – the premier digital marketing agency that delivers unparalleled results for its clients.

So what makes Digital Puzzle stand out from the rest? Here are the top reasons this agency is simply the best in the business:

Cutting-Edge Strategies

Digital Puzzle stays ahead of the curve when it comes to digital marketing trends. Their team is obsessed with constant research and education to ensure their strategies utilize the latest and greatest tactics. While other agencies rely on outdated methods, Digital Puzzle leverages innovative approaches like hyper-targeted paid ads, influencer partnerships, live video, and more. This creates exceptionally effective campaigns.

Industry-Leading Experts

Digital Puzzle employs only the top experts across every digital marketing specialty. Their team has elite-level experience creating and managing successful strategies for clients in diverse industries. And they are also thought leaders who speak at conferences and contribute to major publications. This depth of talent gives Digital Puzzle unmatched skills to meet the unique needs of any brand.

Proven Track Record

The work speaks for itself – Digital Puzzle has an extensive portfolio of successful brand transformations. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, they have elevated countless businesses with their digital marketing expertise. Their past clients achieve remarkable metrics like 800% returns on ad spend, 500% increases in site traffic, and three times faster lead generation. Digital Puzzle gets real, tangible results.

Comprehensive Services

Unlike other agencies, Digital Puzzle is a one-stop shop providing every digital marketing service imaginable. Their capabilities include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, web design, influencer marketing, video marketing, and more. With all these services under one roof, they can create fully integrated strategies that help clients achieve their goals faster.

Data-Driven Approach 

Analytics and metrics are the backbone of Digital Puzzle’s work. They monitor and optimize based on key KPIs using cutting-edge software tools. The team gathers quantitative data and customer insights to continually refine campaigns until they produce the desired ROI. Their meticulous optimization and data analysis means no effort or dollars are wasted.

Customer-Focused Service

In the world of digital marketing, no two brands are alike. That’s why Digital Puzzle tailors everything they do to match each client’s business goals, target audience, budget, timeline, and more. Their strategies are highly customized for optimal effectiveness. Plus their level of service goes beyond expectations to deliver white-glove client care.

Best-in-Class Results

At the end of the day, Digital Puzzle offers what every business wants – real, tangible outcomes that boost brand awareness, elevate authority, increase conversion rates, and drive revenue growth. They understand how to connect digital efforts to profit drivers. The team has a sixth sense for unlocking transformational results that both clients and their audiences love.

Looking for a digital marketing genius? Partner with the pros who have mastered it – Digital Puzzle. Their unique blend of forward-thinking strategies, industry expertise, proven experience, comprehensive capabilities, analytics rigor, and custom care makes them outright the best digital marketing agency available.

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Unlocking the Power of AI How Your Best Content is Discovered

In today’s digital age, content marketing has become an essential tool for businesses looking to attract and retain customers. However, creating great content is only half the battle – the other half is ensuring that your content is reaching and engaging your target audience. In today’s fast-paced digital age, content marketing has become a crucial strategy for businesses looking to attract and retain customers. With millions of pieces of content being created and shared online every day, it can be challenging for businesses to cut through the noise and engage their target audience. However, creating great content is only half the battle – the other half is ensuring that your content is reaching and resonating with your audience. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. By leveraging the power of AI, businesses can gain insights into which pieces of content are resonating with their audience and use that information to refine their content marketing strategy.

AI can help businesses to better understand their audience, analyze their behavior, and identify patterns and trends that can be used to create content that resonates with them. For example, AI can analyze user behavior to suggest related pieces of content that are most likely to be of interest to users based on their browsing history and previous interactions with your content. It can also analyze user comments and feedback to determine the overall sentiment towards your content, helping you identify which pieces of content are most popular and address any negative feedback to improve future content. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. By leveraging the power of AI, businesses can gain insights into which pieces of content are resonating with their audience and use that information to refine their content marketing strategy.

1.	Natural Language Processing (NLP)

1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) – AI can analyze the text of your content to identify keywords, topics, and themes that are most likely to resonate with your audience. This analysis involves breaking down the text into smaller parts, such as words and phrases, and then analyzing their meaning and context. By understanding the language used in your content, AI can help you optimize your content for search engines and improve its overall relevance to your target audience.

2. Sentiment Analysis – AI can analyze user comments and feedback to determine the overall sentiment toward your content. This analysis involves classifying user comments as positive, negative, or neutral, and then using this information to identify trends and patterns in user feedback. By understanding how users feel about your content, AI can help you identify which pieces of content are most popular and address any negative feedback to improve future content.

3. Collaborative Filtering – AI can analyze user behavior to identify which pieces of content are most often viewed or engaged with by users with similar interests. This analysis involves collecting data on user interactions with your content, such as page views and click-through rates, and then using this information to identify patterns and trends in user behavior. By understanding what types of content are most popular with your audience, AI can help you tailor your content to your audience’s preferences and increase engagement rates.

4. Content Recommendation Systems – AI can analyze user behavior to suggest related pieces of content that are most likely to be of interest to users based on their browsing history and previous interactions with your content. This analysis involves collecting data on user behavior, such as their search history and previous interactions with your content, and then using this information to suggest related pieces of content that are most likely to be of interest to users. By suggesting related content, AI can help increase page views and keep users on your website for longer periods.

5. Predictive Analytics – AI can use historical data to predict which pieces of content are most likely to be successful in the future. This analysis involves collecting data on past content performance, such as engagement rates and conversion rates, and then using this information to predict which pieces of content are most likely to be successful in the future. By predicting which pieces of content are most likely to be successful, AI can help you plan your content strategy and create content that is more likely to resonate with your audience.

6. A/B Testing – AI can help you test different variations of your content to determine which performs best with your audience. This analysis involves creating multiple versions of the same content, such as different headlines or images and then testing these versions with your audience to see which performs best. By testing different variations of your content, AI can help you optimize your content for maximum engagement and conversion rates.

In conclusion, by leveraging the power of AI, businesses can gain insights into which pieces of content are resonating with their audience and use that information to refine their content marketing strategy. From analyzing user behavior to predicting future content success, AI can help businesses create content that resonates with their audience and drives business results.

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How digital marketing is helping small businesses | Digital Puzzle Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata

  • Introduction: 

Marketing and advertising took a lot of change over the past few decades. A few years back, the promotion of businesses was done through advertising in newspapers and magazines, radio and television commercials, and many other expensive modes of advertising.

However, technology has changed rapidly over the past years, and those marketing and advertising methods are less effective compared to today’s world. Companies hire the best digital marketing agency in India to help them make a name for themselves. In this way, digital marketing agencies can be a great help to any online business.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes usually depend on varied digital marketing service providers to help them find the users that are ultimately converted into customers. If you are a small business holder and wondering how much a digital marketing company can help in scaling up your business, below are the 7 ways in which digital marketing services can endorse the growth of your business:

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way to Attract-Engage & Convert

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way to Attract-Engage & Convert: The cost of using traditional advertising methods like radio and television advertising is very high whereas digital marketing services are very affordable. Nowadays, businesses invest in several digital marketing services like social media management, SEO services, email marketing, or other types of online marketing methods depending on how much they allow for it, and the type of services they will utilize to make a name. Hiring a digital marketing agency means you won’t even have to worry about paying employee benefits.

Digital Marketing Agencies Assistance in Traffic Transformation

Digital Marketing Agencies Assistance in Traffic Transformation: Agencies aim to bring high-quality traffic through search engines & social media and try to convert them with the help of lead magnets. Once you get the lead, email marketing and personalized messages help to convert that particular lead.

Better Financial Results: Digital marketing companies

Better Financial Results: Digital marketing companies offer a win-win solution for all types of businesses mostly B2C &D2C. As spoken earlier, it has always been successful to invest in these services. With digital advertisements, people see more and more ads online. The targeted audience will be interested in your website and be attracted to your business and social media forums. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons that increase your chances of earning money.

Engagement with the target audience

Engagement with the target audience: You will not only attract the right audience to your online advertising but also it will help to increase the chances of conversion. Because in digital marketing it’s a bit easy to attract, engage & convert.

Digital marketing agencies target mobile users more

Digital marketing agencies target mobile users more: Nowadays, many people get engaged on their Smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs as long as they are not working. Almost 84% of the population has smartphones as of today. The average person clicks, taps, and swipes about 2,617 times per day. This is one of the ways they communicate with people outside of their cartel. Leading online marketing agencies in India can better monitor people with mobile gadgets so they can notice what your business has to offer. 

It builds faith and creates a good brand image

It builds faith and creates a good brand image:  Digital marketing agencies build a relationship of trust between potential customers and the business. Digital marketers highly believe in taking feedback to enhance the product or service. However, they help businesses fulfill the promises they make. It means that a good relationship will be built between the business and its audience. This is how a good status is built for a brand.

ROI guaranteed when the business goes online

ROI guaranteed when the business goes online:  If your website has a lot of visitors but no there are no conversion rates, it may not make a difference because that alone will not keep your business alive. You need various strategies to turn them into permanent customers, and that’s how marketing agencies ensure your business survives. 

A great way to grow your business is to get in touch with one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, Digital Puzzle is a Kolkata-based advertising agency that will support you to deliver intended success!

  • Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing:

Whenever we encounter the term traditional marketing, most of us think of any type of marketing that functions offline. Whether it’s through printing outlets or publishing on platforms like television and radio, many people still prefer to stick to this type of marketing as it still gives guaranteed results. 

However, the internet has made a huge change in the past years now, and advance in digital marketing has become inevitable. Nowadays, we see how several companies are relying predominantly on digital marketing. 

Traditional marketing: Besides broadcasting and publishing media, this marketing involves the usage of channels like telemarketing and direct mail. Some of the best means used by traditional marketing are printed outlets such as journals, magazines, and newspapers. We can’t deny the fact that many of us nowadays still recognize billboards, posters, and window signs and displays.

Businesses continue to use pamphlets and fliers to advertise their business, even trade shows do the same. Without a doubt, people still practice this marketing and prosper from them. 

Digital marketing: Any kind of marketing function performed by using online means can be defined as digital marketing. This involves trusting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your website high in search engines, social media marketing to manage and grow an organization’s online presence, and email marketing to make the audience aware of your new products, discounts, and other services. A well-designed website will help you maintain a professional, accurate, and informative online presence among others. Many organizations use digital marketing as it is cost-effective & and it’s a great way of communicating with potential customers. The ones that emerge with the best strategies usually get their well-deserved rewards. Startups & small to medium businesses love the fact that these digital marketing services tend to cost far more reasonably while being considered cost-effective. 

  • How to get started with digital marketing:

  • Marketing is for humans! know your audience:

Knowing your audience in digital marketing is highly crucial. It’s also very important to analyze your online audience and target your campaigns to them. Several tools will help you to identify your audience such as Google Analytics data, and social media surveys-the more data, the better you learn. By identifying your audience you will get to know your customer’s habits, likes, don’t like, and what might interest them so that they will keep coming back. 

  • Choose the right platform:

Choosing the right platform for your brand will help you reach the target audience. One of the best platforms to advertise your brand is social media. Based on your responses, objective, and t specific goals, you can strive to achieve on social media. Examples of social media marketing platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Using social media platforms as a basis of your business strategy is one of the best means to boost your brand and promote your services and products. 

  • How to plan and execute strategy: 

Planning and execution make the perfect hidden drivers to success. If you want your company to drive more revenue and profit, then your marketing team needs to generate more leads per week. The three must do planning activities.

  • Set clear and smart goals
  • Set your budget
  • Map out your marketing campaign workflow

Steps to successfully execute a digital marketing campaign.

  • Focus on the core of your content
  • Perform your SEO research
  • Build your email list
  • Track and monitor the progress of the campaigns
  • Follow up with a daily stand-up meeting
  • Use a marketing project management platform

The above points are some of the important elements of digital marketing that need to be used. Wanna take any kind of consultancy or services? Hire a super digital marketing agency like us Digital Puzzle!

*How we helped to grow our clients, screenshots of Google search console and GA:

How can Digital Puzzle help you? 


Social Media Management: Social Media Marketing is the technique of creating, publishing, and interpreting content that you post on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, and engaging numerous users on those platforms. This strategy is cost-effective and helps to connect with a lot of audiences through social networks across the world.

Pay-per-click/ Paid Advertising: Pay-per-click/ Paid Advertising is a type of digital marketing service that involves advertisers paying a fee each time whenever their ads are clicked. You just need to pay for advertising if your ads get clicked on. Efficient marketing campaigns endow all channels for promoting their companies. However Paid Advertising is more expensive than other paid forms, it is one of the most effective ways to promote your company’s name to a huge audience.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization means improving your site visibility when people search for your products or services related to your business on Google, Bing, or any other search engines. The more apparent your site is on the search engines, the more apt you are to gain attention and attract prospects and existing customers to your business.

Design and Branding: One of the first practices of the branding process is brand design. It holds quite important value to your company as it gives you a major edge in the competitive market. It is a two-way method, one is the client side and the other is the agency side, they imply equal sharing of responsibilities to get the required results that are effective for the company.

Website Development: Website Development is the process of building and maintaining websites. The practice that goes on behind the scenes is to make a website look great, work fast, and be well-performing with a seamless user experience. These skills are highly demanded since nowadays everyone wants to bring their business online. A promising website is a key to a profitable business!

Email Marketing: Email Marketing is one of the most powerful channels and also a form of digital marketing service. This service uses email to promote your business’s products or services and make your customers aware of your latest items or offers by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts. It further plays a vital role in your marketing strategy with proper lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships, and keeping customers engaged through different types of marketing emails.

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Why A Business needs digital marketing

Digital Marketing is very important because it helps to connect businesses to their potential customers when they are online and is the most effective service in all industries. By providing companies with outstanding growth and outreach strategies, online marketing is a tool that has changed the face of modern business. Every business needs digital marketing, so it’s very important to understand the benefits of using these services. Here are the main reasons why your business needs digital marketing.

  • Creating an online presence is very crucial: Digital marketing’s primary goal is to make your business visible online. When millions of audiences will see your brand, it enhances the chances of business growth. Otherwise, your business will be stagnant and will not prosper in size and scope. To ensure consistent and vast growth, the digital market is inevitable. 
  • Spread Awareness about the Brand: Once your business becomes visible to large masses, the first step is taken. Then the next important step is to notify that audience and familiarize them with what your business is all about, what you offer and what you don’t. Doing this will not just inform your general audience and internet surfers, but also entice potential clients to enter your business’s sales funnel.
  • Keeps the audience informed about new happenings: Digital Marketing is not a one-time thing, its services are consistent and repetitive. You need such services when launching a new offer or a range of products. If you don’t have an active social media and internet presence, most of your followers will not get any notification on your website update and social media profile. You might lose the opportunity to grab your potential customer’s attention. 
  • Being Dynamic in your Marketing Strategy: Traditional marketing strategies are not as dynamic and easy to customize and change as digital marketing platforms and plans are. Digital marketing services will offer highly customizable and flexible options per your need. 
  • Breaking Geographical Barriers: Only digital marketing can break physical and geographical barriers. There are no restrictions on regions and countries to which you can market your brand. Digital platforms can make the whole world your audience, no matter where you and your business are located. You can establish a global market without investing a substantial amount in marketing and making millions worldwide familiar with your brand. 
  • Missions & Vision:

Mission: Our team’s sole purpose is to provide your business with a smooth sailing experience with our expertise. We believe in doing smart work, and performing research-backed, creative strategies that will help you stay at the top of your business. 

Vision: Our vision is to be the best digital marketing company to let your business be armed with a distinctive tag. 

  • What Digital Puzzle Has To Offer:

Introduction of our services:

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization means improving your site visibility when people search for your products or services related to your business on Google, Bing, or any other search engines. The more apparent your site is on the search engines, the more apt you are to gain attention and attract prospects and existing customers to your business.

Paid Advertising/ Pay Per Click: PPC is the method of driving traffic to your website by paying the publisher every time your ad is clicked. Paid Advertising is more expensive than other paid forms, it is the most effective way to promote your company’s name to a large audience. One of the most popular PPC types is Google Ads.

Social Media Management: Social Media Management promotes your brand on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to boost traffic to your website and other social media pages, generate more leads and also increase brand awareness.

Design and Branding: One of the first practices of the branding process is brand design. It holds important value to your company as it gives you a major edge in the competitive market. It is a two-way procedure i.e. the client-side and the agency side, they implicate equal sharing of responsibilities to get the required results that are effective for the company.

Website Development: Website Development is the process of building and maintaining websites. The practice that goes on behind the scenes is to make a website look great, work fast, and be well-performing with a seamless user experience. These skills are highly demanded since nowadays everyone wants to bring their business online. A promising website is the key to a profitable business!

Email Marketing:  Email Marketing is when you deliver a commercial email to your subscribers or the contacts who have signed in to your email list. It is used to enlighten, drive sales and construct a community around your brand. This marketing is one of the great elements of internet marketing which comprises online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, and more. 

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7 Cardinal Points to Build a Successful Business Empire

Building your own business sometimes seems to look like a fairytale right? It furnishes you with all the sovereignty, wealth, you’ll be your boss, you can fix your timing, according to your choice, etc. But you know what, every year several individuals raise with their startup ideas but by the end, only a few can make it to the top.

People have the habit of figuring out only the best things about being a businessman or an entrepreneur. But it’s not as simple as you think. Success comes when you work smart. Not every soul has the capability of being a successful entrepreneur.

Of course, one often learns from their missteps. But as an entrepreneur, there is always something or somebody from which you can discover more new aspects. So, in this article, we are going to discuss a few steps you need to heed over to build a successful business:

So, let’s get started:-


One of the basic steps followed in almost every business but is a very crucial one for business success. If you provide meaningless information or insights to your audiences then sooner or later you will have to lose your audience. So, the main thing is to understand your audience and provide them with what they ask for. Work to fulfill their desires and demands.


Get one thing right in your mind. Never think that you are the only adversary of yourself. Numerous businesses are dealing with similar products and services like yours. Well, the market has become too competitive. So, you must be familiar with who your competitors are, what products and services they are dealing with, and make it a way of improving your products and services so that you can satisfy your audiences better.


Feedback encourages you to improve your products and services. You can ask for feedback from your potential audiences. This genuine feedback will help you to learn what is working best for you and what is not and you will be able to work on those portions.


For instance, let’s talk about Facebook groups. These groups when it comes to marketing are slightly underrated. So, make sure to create a community for your business not with the selling mindset but to build long-lasting relationships with your potential customers. Get engaged with your prospects and make them feel valued.


One of the bases of every online activity is content creation. This base is considered as the life and blood of every marketing activity. For your website, you must develop helpful and relevant content for your audiences so that it can help them to know you better. Make your website well-structured so that it showcases every information your audience wants you to know about you.


Make a thorough research about where your potential audience spends most of their time online. For example, if your audience is mostly using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then you must be there for them. The same runs for other channels too. You must observe where your prospects are spending their time online and utilize similar channels to market them. When it’s about branding and marketing, always make a move strategically!


Last but not the least, stay focused! Never give up and walk in the precise direction. You must know what you want to achieve and work towards fulfilling the goals. Know what is helping your business and whatnot. Everyone has their own journey and you must work accordingly.

DIGITAL PUZZLES can be your best companion in many aspects like marketing and advertising. They have been developing niche media and fulfilling the best digital marketing services for years. Give them a chance to take your business to the next level!

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Accelerate your Business Growth through the Power of Podcasting!

There has been an implementation of numerous products and technologies in business. With various factors of businesses transforming every day with the changing customer requirements and market demands, these tools have driven out to be the necessities to survive in this highly competitive market. Podcasting is one of these modern technologies and a worthwhile transformation to your marketing strategy.

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are audio presentations somewhat like a radio station that is available for on-demand listening. The presentation consists of episodes ranging from 20 to 60 minutes. They can be assessed on the most popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcast. These platforms cover an endless diversity of subjects, from politics to food, tech to sports, travel to home maintenance, finance, and fitness, and many more.

Nowadays, businesses use this presentation to attract and increase their prospects. It has become a new talk radio on mobile devices, hence a powerful marketing tool. The increased usage of mobile phones has led to an excellent growth of these shows.

How can a Podcast Benefit your Business?

As you look forward to growing your business, consider the following 9 benefits of using this method for your business.

1. Starts a Conversation and Build Relationships
Podcasts are a great way of communicating with prospects. Many people like to hear something while driving or doing some work. They feel that they’re with someone while they hear the audio. Your voice is your means to connect customers to your business and brand. It most probably relies on your voice and interacting with listeners triggers their imagination. This becomes your possibility for face-to-face relationships.

2. Increases business’ rankings

For those who are familiar with SEO strategies, you must be knowing how important it is to prepare content using precise keywords. Keywords are usually padded in blogs and website content, also you can optimize a podcast with suitable keywords that can improve your business’ website rankings. Along with working on your podcast, you can also advertise the contents through social media and PPC (basically Google Ads) to increase your listener core and link it to your website where visitors can get converted. In this way, you can reach out to more customers and fascinate new listeners.

3. Build an authoritative presence

Podcasts are an outstanding avenue for talking about topics and matters that relate to your niche. Relying on the topic, your voice projection and strategy may also vary. Keep in mind that credible podcasts can easily establish your credibility and trustworthiness while furnishing valuable information for your listeners.

4. Improves Conversion

As mentioned in the last paragraphs, creating a connection with your customers is extremely important because it increases the chance of them wanting to try out your product or associate with your business. The trick to achieving the conversion rates with your podcast marketing efforts implicates similar activities we’ve discussed many times with other marketing channels. This includes linking your audio content with your brand, providing listeners the options for connecting with you, and melding your lead nurturing program with your podcast.

5. Lower Marketing Expenses

You don’t need to have a lot of money to start a podcast channel. While the quality of the tools you need is a serious consideration, you also can get a great sound without spending much money. All you need is to get a high-quality microphone, soundproof studio, editing software, and noise-canceling headphones. You need to perform research and ask around to discover great deals. To make your channel run smoothly, using the audio content hosting platforms is advisable.

Maintaining this marketing channel is more cost-efficient compared to vlogging or video marketing. This is a useful opportunity for small businesses that don’t have much marketing budget to spare. Starting from equipment, talent, to post-production, this channel doesn’t require much compared to professional video services.

6. Possibility of Brand Partnerships

Brands often look for ways to engage with their customers and prospects. That’s the reason why influencer marketing is a great way to market merchandise nowadays. Through podcasts, you can also collaborate with related brands that target similar markets without directly seeking your brand. This helps prospects to discover more advantages for your brand, and mesmerize more listeners who are already familiar with the other brand. Hence, brand partnerships are a great way to increase your audience and conversion in the long run.

7. You can Reuse Old Content

If your business is no longer an outsider to content marketing, then maintaining a podcast will just feel like a simple, natural shift. If your business already has a blog or a couple of videos that deliver valuable information to customers and prospects, you won’t have trouble using those ideas for your podcast. No matter how old your content is, high-quality content is perpetually timeless. Reusing old blogs or videos for your podcast will help you to save your efforts as well as resources. Don’t be afraid to use obsolete content. After all, your listeners will enjoy listening to good quality content.

8. Raises Brand Recognition and Awareness

Knowing your target audience is the most important step to an effective marketing strategy. So, if most of your targeted market comes from a working community, then your business can succeed from this channel. As we have earlier mentioned, listening to audio content does not require a person’s undivided attention. Lots of listeners hear the episodes while they are driving, eating, showering, doing chores, and even while working.
Many people love to perform multi-tasks nowadays, and most listen to content or entertainment on an on-demand basis. A podcast is a great platform that fulfills this on-the-go lifestyle for many working individuals. It’s a wonderful way to make sure that your business stays in the consciousness of myriad listeners.


Being open to multiple marketing procedures and tools is the best way to prosper your business. Also, being efficient with your approach increases your likelihood of being remembered by people. The better your style is, the greater the chance they’ll remember you.

Podcasts are defining their path in the digital marketing platform, and if you know how to utilize them well for your business, then you will definitely succeed. These audio content channels are not only used to promote your brand or your business but also a great medium to engage and build a connection with your customers, which is an essential aspect for long-term business success.

DIGITAL PUZZLES can be your best partner in many of these avenues for marketing as well as advertising. They have been producing niche media and serving the best digital marketing services for years. Put them on a chance to take your business to the next level!

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Give Your Website a Successful Makeover with These 7 Power-Packed Rebranding Steps

A company’s brand is more than a name or an attractive logo design. A good brand will build its reputation, and solidify its position in the marketplace. In essence, if it differentiates you from other companies, it’s a part of your brand.

Rebranding means taking the business in a new direction. It’s about getting on to the core of what you stand for, centralizing your aims and vision, and then amending your image to reflect these changes.

You may decide to rebrand if:

● Your overarching conception has changed
● You have just experienced a PR disaster and need to enhance your reputation
● You want to bid to a new demographic
● Your business has changed hands, and new units of senior management agree that it’s time for the business to go in a new direction
● You have incorporated with another company

Rebranding a business is diverse from a refresh, which refers to the procedure of changing extrinsic visual elements such as the design of a company website, stationery, and logos.

Process Of Rebranding

Let’s get down to the following steps.

1. Introspection

Self-awareness is a key to victorious rebranding. You are required to know the answers to these questions:

● Who are you?
● What do you do?
● What do you want to be known for?
● Why do you want to rebrand your website at this moment?

Before you endow your time and money into this procedure, you need to know what the outcome should look like and be able to pin down your brand’s story.
You should contemplate whether you need to hire an external consultant or marketing firm to help you. If you are a large business or feel overwhelmed by the process, then this process will be a huge task. Besides this, if you are an SME who knows exactly what modifications you want to make, you could go it alone.

2. Market Research

Get back in touch with your consumers. Does your current notion have their wants and needs? Do you want to keep the exact customers, or reach out to different people? Can you classify your audience and, in doing so, create buyer personas?
Ask your prevailing customers and units of your target demographic for their input on your brand story, products, and existing reputation. You can use questionnaires or focus on groups to ask for their opinions. This data will help you align your new brand with your conscious audience.

3. Decide What Makes You Unique

Decide what brings you unique, and think about how you can use your Unique Selling Price(USP) as a focal point of this process. For example, do you pride yourself on selling only high-end products, or are you willing to market yourself as budget-friendly?
Remember, you shouldn’t try to request everyone. Your job is to focus on discovering your niche and servicing their needs.
Refine your identity down to a few keywords. You may need to embark on further research here if you don’t already know the market inside out.

4. List & Redesign Your Brand Touchpoints

Make a roster of all your material that needs these changes. This comprises pamphlets, websites, business cards, signs, blogs, and posters. Every time you experiment with a fresh design, ask yourself whether it fulfills your broader brand strategy.
Think about your kind touchpoints like any point at which a customer or potential customer interacts with your business. For instance, if you run a beauty parlor, the reception desk is a touchpoint. You may require to redecorate your office or store to fit with your new brand.

5. Make Sure Everyone’s On Board

The strategy might fail if your employees aren’t assured that it aligns with your business values and strategy. Get their response at all stages of the design procedure.
Before you take a fresh brand to the public, enable them to tell you what they think. You can set up an incognito comment box if you think it will encourage them to share their thoughts.
When the process is completed, have an internal launch party. Get your employees fascinated about the change, and they are more inclined to become brand ambassadors. If you are imagining offering new merchandise and services as part of your rebrand, or you want workers to take a fresh approach to customer service, make sure that they have been appropriately trained.

6. Take Your New Brand Public

Make your public launch fast and absolute. Do not try to phase in changes deliberately, because this will only disturb your customers. Use this process as a means of generating advertising and engaging with customers. For instance, if you have a mailing schedule, send them a few teaser emails in the run-up to the launch, implying the changes to come.
Let them know the purpose of your rebrand, most people do not like immoral change and will be more likely to trust you if you are understandable. Intensify how and why the rebrand will benefit them.

7. Get Feedback

The work doesn’t halt when you express your new brand. Get some response from your targeted consumers, and analyze your business performance to evaluate the impact of rebranding on your bottom line. You can do this informally, by inquiring customers in person, or you can use online questionnaires and focus groups.

Rebranding can be a vast accomplishment, but also marks a fresh, exciting phase in the life of your business. Done right, it will fascinate and re-engage your consumers or leave you in a strong position to excite a new audience.

If you are thinking of rebranding your website then you can contact a responsive digital marketing agency. Get your work done with DIGITAL PUZZLE, a one-stop top solution to all your queries. Reach their team today to get access to all their outstanding services!

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7 Eye-Opening Tactics To Maximize Your Content Reach

There are multiple factors to the puzzle of content marketing. Of course, it’s important to research your targeted audience and create high-quality, relevant content. But it’s also substantial not to forget about your content reach.Once you have created and posted a new piece of content, your job is not done! You have to promote that content to ensure that it reaches as many pairs of eyes as possible and drive more traffic. It’s observed that around 60 to 70% of content generated by B2B marketing companies’ sites are unused. This content could be generating great leads and revenue, but instead, it’s unseen or wasted. By maximizing your content you can make sure that you earn the most value out of it and optimize your content marketing ROI. There are multiple ways to increase your content reach. Even if you’ve got your content-promoting strategy nailed down, it’s worth taking a look at these ideas and trying out some new strategies to expand your audience.

1. Improve Search Engine Optimization

You won’t be able to optimize your content without making sure that content marketing strategy is fine from the very beginning. It’s important to not only figure out what topics your audience prefers to see content on, but also to assure they can effortlessly find this content when they are searching in search engine pages online.

Proper keyword research will give you insight into what your audience is typing into the search engine when they are searching for information or solutions to their issues. If you don’t include proper related keywords in your content, then there is a possibility that your website won’t seem to occur on the first page of the search results for related search terms. As an impact, many web users will not be able to get your content online.

While it is possible to get traffic to your content via other means like using search engine optimization(SEO) strategy, a very important traffic source for most businesses. Websites across every industry can foresee attracting at least half of their traffic via search. SEO is more vital for websites in specific nooks. Whether you’re generating content in-house or you’re outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, make sure that SEO is your top priority.

2. Utilize Your Contents in Multiple Formats

Publishing content in various forms means you have more possibilities to reach a wider audience. While some individuals like to read blogs, others like watching videos. You can make sure that you reach both the audience groups by posting blogs consistently and publishing videos to YouTube regularly or another social media channel.

Utilizing content in different formats and channels also helps to improve your content ROI, as you don’t have to begin from a scratch at the research stage for every single piece of fresh content. You can twirl a good decent topic into an article, a video, a podcast, an e-book, and an infographic. Each of the different content formats can be shared on social media, found in a web search, or linked to another site.

3. Include Original Research in Your Content

The most blooming content needs to be in-depth and original. Researching and writing good sources of facts, statistics, and unique insights helps you create your reputation and authority as a thought leader. This implies other sites and social media profiles are more likely to correlate to you.

Producing impressive infographics, charts, and graphs of data is also a very effective procedure to ensure your content is shared and linked to, which in turn helps to grow your overall reach.

4. Use Multiple Content Promotion Channels

While most companies post a new piece of content on social media after they publish it, there are many more recourses to promote that content through multiple platforms.

If you’re using only Facebook and LinkedIn to link your content, then you should also consider connecting with other social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. It’s indeed effective to focus on the core social media platforms, you can easily post your new content to those multiple social networks without investing more time or effort.

An email newsletter can also be a great strategy to promote your content. Valuable emails are often forwarded, which can be yet another way to improve your content reach.

5. Consider Paid Promotion

Utilizing advertising methods and paid promotion can be an effective and faster way to reach your targeted audience that you may have been unable to reach through other procedures. There are multiple methods of paid promotion available such as Pay per click, social media ads, influencer marketing, and paid content distribution platforms.

When incorporating paid promotion into your content strategy, it’s important to maintain track of your spending and the results each channel is generating. You can use this information to calculate Return on Investment(ROI) and decide if the individual channels are an efficient investment or not.

6. Implement an Employee Advocacy Program

Corporate social media channels have a specified reach, so you can greatly improve the reach of your content on social media by urging your employees to share it with their familiar social media networks. Successful employee advocacy depends on companies who actively engage with employees and who share the values of your company and want to help your brand succeed.

You don’t need to force your workers to share your content on their social media channels. However, if your content is decent and they think that their associates will find it interesting or useful, you have a great opportunity to improve your content reach.

7. Publish More Content

Whatever business you’re in and whichever sort of content you produce, the number-one way of improving your reach is to publish content consistently. Posting regular content online means better opportunities to attract search engine traffic, or share on social media channels, and be linked to other sites. If you are keen to get more traffic to your site with quality content published consistently, then you can contact our team Digital Puzzle to assist you with the content building service.

DIGITAL PUZZLE can equip you with the most promising Digital Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Paid Advertising, Designing and Branding, and many more. To find out how we can work for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Competitive Analysis: A Go-to Guide for Marketing Managers

Even if you know your audience, examine multiple marketing strategies and communication tactics, and point out your best practices, your efforts can still elicit poor results if you don’t benchmark against and learn from your competition. This is why competition analysis is an essential process.

In this guide, we will take you through an actionable workflow for conducting a well-functioning competitor analysis that would help you to strengthen your marketing strategy.

What is Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis, also known as competitor analysis is the process of observing and evaluating your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their marketing strategies. This can help you to know how to avoid their mistakes, replicate their achievements and let you stay one step ahead of the competition.

It’s not only about replicating your competitor’s actions but also gathering enough information to take the guesswork out of your own marketing decisions. By discovering what works for your opponents and what doesn’t, and paying attention to how audiences react to various messaging, targeting, and other marketing techniques, you can avoid important mistakes.

Steps to Perform Competitive Analysis

Here are the steps that need to be taken to conduct a competitive analysis.
Identify who your competitors are: The first step is to identify your competitors. There are two kinds of competitors i.e. Direct customers and Indirect Customers.

A direct customer offers similar products or services and targets an equivalent customer base as your business. Whereas indirect competitors sell similar products or services but target a different sector of customers, or sell different products and services but share the same customer base.

Analyze competitors’ online presence: Once you have identified your competitors, check out their online presence by evaluating how functional their websites are and how engaging they are with their audience. With strong digital marketing strategies, your business will get a great opportunity to stand out amongst your competitors, easy to use, robust website, and engage customers on social media.

Check online reviews: Visit online sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts and see how your competitors are replying to their customer queries and negative comments.

Reviews provide insight into the customer experience with the company service or products. By browsing negative reviews, you can understand where these businesses have gone wrong and determine what you can do to prevent such situations. And by browsing positive reviews, you can focus on where the company has outshined and determine how you can offer even better customer service.

Speak to the competitors’ customers: Along with browsing the online reviews and comments, take note of the people you would like to know more from by reaching out to them. Talk to them directly and ask them about their experiences.

Just think of it as a relationship, and learn from other mistakes. If any sort of thing is lacking in their bond with your competitor, make it understood that you will fulfill those unmet business needs. After the conversation, you can thank them for their time and offer them better customer service through your business.

Identify their strengths and weaknesses: Once you have completed your research, assemble it in one place and classify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Use this data to improve your own business and focus on specific areas where you can efficiently capitalize on. Maintain the analysis so that you can look back again and compare it whenever you want to perform another round of competitive analysis.

Use Adequate Research Tools: Conduct the best-in-class competitive analysis to grow your business well. It might be a bit time-consuming if you are looking for multiple competitors. Many online tools will make you perform the process easier and more efficiently. These tools will help you identify your precise competitors, follow their content and analyze the results. Some of the best competitive analysis tools are Quick Search, BuiltWith, WooRank, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and so on.

Benefits to Conduct Competitive Analysis
Let’s dig into the benefits of executing a great competitive analysis.

● Fine-tune and develop your unique selling proposition(USP)

Competitive analysis will provide you with a vision into what other brands define as their “why”. While correlating your competitor’s unique selling proposition(USP) to your own, adequate points encompassing your business brand will arise, helping you to distinguish from the competition.

● Improve Owned Products and Services

As your brand expands, your customers’ needs and expectations will also expand. One aspect to fulfill those goals and requirements is to analyze your own customer review as well as your competitors’ customer review. Comparing will enable you to tap into the market gaps and fulfill your customer’s needs and expectations.

● Establish a Brand Benchmark

Benchmarking is the process of building a foundation for measuring growth. Startups and established companies can get huge benefits from benchmarking. This computation unlocks and analyzes chronological data associated with how consumers view you and your competitors.

● Identify Gaps in R&D and Hiring

Having a good awareness of whom your competitors are hiring as well as the knowledge of the company expansions will help you to sketch a larger resemblance of the upcoming trends.

● Discover Potential Threats

Due to the vibrant significance of the analysis, you will be able to revamp and well-function the challenges that your adversaries and the market are facing. Competitive analysis will aid you to understand the possible market fluctuations, risks, and campaigns that can be rebutted.

If you are looking for assistance in performing a competitive analysis as part of your wider marketing strategy, DIGITAL PUZZLE can equip you with the best Digital Marketing Services, SEO, Web Development, Paid Advertising, Designing and Branding, and many more. To find out how we can work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Top 5 B2C Marketing Trends to look out for in 2022

B2C or business-to-consumer marketing implies the tactics and techniques in which firms emphasize products and services to individuals. This marketing focuses on creating, advertising, and peddling products or services for customers to use in their daily lives.

In this digital era, business-to-customer marketers require to be data-driven, technology-heavy and concentrated on meeting the exact needs of the consumers. Because the one-sided strategy won’t work, companies need to maintain a B2C marketing strategy to satisfactorily engage and connect with their customers so that they are inclined to purchase their products and services.

1. Enhance your brand’s core values: Recent analysis indicates that most Americans think that a brand should address recent pertinent social and political topics. In fact, in a survey, 91% of millennials mumbled that they would switch brands if another supported a cause they support. A brand’s position on issues is increasingly valuable for B2B companies, and despite the problem in engaging in these discussions, B2B brands can’t afford to resist their customer’s concerns, as they are searching for brands with a conscience.

2. Know your worth – and show it: Marketing responsibility is one of the greatest citations of CMO anxiety and tart, and it needn’t be. Being competent to reliably assess and then communicate the value of those appraisals and investments to the company is essential. Most CEOs and councils don’t believe in marketing metrics, so being able to disseminate the value of marketing campaigns as investments to your organization is crucial to developing a profitable and successful B2B marketing strategy.

3. Implement Personalization: Most B2B marketers historically trend toward budget-established marketing targeting, whereas B2C brands work overtime at hyper-personalization as a marketing strategy. B2B institutions should commemorate their lead to run stronger campaigns. Because, on the verge, an enterprise segment or manufactured persona doesn’t purchase your products – individual people do. It’s simple to shirk the need to appeal to individuals when you are targeting an entire industry or segment of the population. Learn more about individuals and less about hustling reports.

4. Get engaged with your social audience: B2B customers are no more diverse than any other people on social outlets. They use similar apps and are just as mortal as B2C customers. A smart marketer will take advantage of the harmonies and interchanges by formulating social marketing programs as part of their overall marketing strategy. LinkedIn is one of the favorite social marketing platforms, but don’t overlook other platforms – your employees most probably use other outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, and brand messaging from employees has the highest reach.

5. Online video will be a priority: Online Video appeals visually like no further B2B marketing strategy can and proposes a massive opportunity to connect with your potential B2B audience online. Many reviewers say that by 2021, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be through videos. It doesn’t appeal to some marketers who direct on lead generation, performance, and metrics, but it’s a distinctive marketing funnel that provokes interest, drives awareness, and builds a dominant brand.

Eventually covid 19 pandemic will reach to end, the trends it stimulated will likely fiddle a huge role in B2C marketing in the future. The B2C marketing strategy can help marketers continue to reach and satisfy customers who cannot go out to the store or prefer online shopping and online interaction. Success lies in the fact of marketing’s ability to become more agile, adaptable, and flexible in their outreach to customers.

Please leave us your comment in the comment box if you want us to share insights on any such topics related to marketing or digital marketing, we would love to cover it for you.

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