7 Eye-Opening Tactics To Maximize Your Content Reach


There are multiple factors to the puzzle of content marketing. Of course, it’s important to research your targeted audience and create high-quality, relevant content. But it’s also substantial not to forget about your content reach.Once you have created and posted a new piece of content, your job is not done! You have to promote that content to ensure that it reaches as many pairs of eyes as possible and drive more traffic. It’s observed that around 60 to 70% of content generated by B2B marketing companies’ sites are unused. This content could be generating great leads and revenue, but instead, it’s unseen or wasted. By maximizing your content you can make sure that you earn the most value out of it and optimize your content marketing ROI. There are multiple ways to increase your content reach. Even if you’ve got your content-promoting strategy nailed down, it’s worth taking a look at these ideas and trying out some new strategies to expand your audience.

1. Improve Search Engine Optimization

You won’t be able to optimize your content without making sure that content marketing strategy is fine from the very beginning. It’s important to not only figure out what topics your audience prefers to see content on, but also to assure they can effortlessly find this content when they are searching in search engine pages online.

Proper keyword research will give you insight into what your audience is typing into the search engine when they are searching for information or solutions to their issues. If you don’t include proper related keywords in your content, then there is a possibility that your website won’t seem to occur on the first page of the search results for related search terms. As an impact, many web users will not be able to get your content online.

While it is possible to get traffic to your content via other means like using search engine optimization(SEO) strategy, a very important traffic source for most businesses. Websites across every industry can foresee attracting at least half of their traffic via search. SEO is more vital for websites in specific nooks. Whether you’re generating content in-house or you’re outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, make sure that SEO is your top priority.

2. Utilize Your Contents in Multiple Formats

Publishing content in various forms means you have more possibilities to reach a wider audience. While some individuals like to read blogs, others like watching videos. You can make sure that you reach both the audience groups by posting blogs consistently and publishing videos to YouTube regularly or another social media channel.

Utilizing content in different formats and channels also helps to improve your content ROI, as you don’t have to begin from a scratch at the research stage for every single piece of fresh content. You can twirl a good decent topic into an article, a video, a podcast, an e-book, and an infographic. Each of the different content formats can be shared on social media, found in a web search, or linked to another site.

3. Include Original Research in Your Content

The most blooming content needs to be in-depth and original. Researching and writing good sources of facts, statistics, and unique insights helps you create your reputation and authority as a thought leader. This implies other sites and social media profiles are more likely to correlate to you.

Producing impressive infographics, charts, and graphs of data is also a very effective procedure to ensure your content is shared and linked to, which in turn helps to grow your overall reach.

4. Use Multiple Content Promotion Channels

While most companies post a new piece of content on social media after they publish it, there are many more recourses to promote that content through multiple platforms.

If you’re using only Facebook and LinkedIn to link your content, then you should also consider connecting with other social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. It’s indeed effective to focus on the core social media platforms, you can easily post your new content to those multiple social networks without investing more time or effort.

An email newsletter can also be a great strategy to promote your content. Valuable emails are often forwarded, which can be yet another way to improve your content reach.

5. Consider Paid Promotion

Utilizing advertising methods and paid promotion can be an effective and faster way to reach your targeted audience that you may have been unable to reach through other procedures. There are multiple methods of paid promotion available such as Pay per click, social media ads, influencer marketing, and paid content distribution platforms.

When incorporating paid promotion into your content strategy, it’s important to maintain track of your spending and the results each channel is generating. You can use this information to calculate Return on Investment(ROI) and decide if the individual channels are an efficient investment or not.

6. Implement an Employee Advocacy Program

Corporate social media channels have a specified reach, so you can greatly improve the reach of your content on social media by urging your employees to share it with their familiar social media networks. Successful employee advocacy depends on companies who actively engage with employees and who share the values of your company and want to help your brand succeed.

You don’t need to force your workers to share your content on their social media channels. However, if your content is decent and they think that their associates will find it interesting or useful, you have a great opportunity to improve your content reach.

7. Publish More Content

Whatever business you’re in and whichever sort of content you produce, the number-one way of improving your reach is to publish content consistently. Posting regular content online means better opportunities to attract search engine traffic, or share on social media channels, and be linked to other sites. If you are keen to get more traffic to your site with quality content published consistently, then you can contact our team Digital Puzzle to assist you with the content building service.

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