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Paid Advertising

Paid, or organic, when it comes to advertising, we’ve got your back!

An easy and inexpensive strategy to stay ahead of your competitors while maintaining the required visibility of your brand. It allows marketers like us to advertise your brands on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) specifically through pay-per-click or pay-per-view means.

Here's How We Get It Done

Selecting the Correct Strategy

Each company has a different agenda for advertising. With various bidding methods available that are almost tailor-made to get the desired results, we can choose from the following bidding strategies: Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Click and Cost Per Acquisition. What results in are increased brand exposure, traffic and sales. From mapping out the geographies to the behavioural patterns we examine the minutest details to define the correct TG for you. And believe it or not, that is the biggest game changer.

Campaign Optimisation

The content that goes into the creation of your ads can be extremely helpful when opting for Paid Search Advertising. From keywords, competitor analysis, ad extensions to landing pages, we undertake the task to produce the most effective communication for your campaigns.

Analytics and Reporting

To ensure a smooth performance of your strategies, constant evaluation takes places to get rid of errors and redundancies. Measuring performances is extremely beneficial in tracking the conversions as accurately as possible. It helps to refine further approaches.

Selecting the Right Platform

Taking a planned decision goes a long way and when it comes to strategizing and analysing, any data available is crucial. Every social media platform has unique methods of engaging with its users. Marketers like us explore these tools to make your business reach your target audience in an organised and efficient manner.


We specialise in getting you recognised on the most relevant social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. Facebook is by far the most used social media and its reach remains unmatched. One also gets the opportunity to be able to target the audience with great specialization. Instagram is another popular visual-heavy network where one can choose to advertise. It gives the flexibility to incorporate Facebook ads among other features. Linkedin provides a unique targeting system which isn’t available on other platforms. It helps to reach out to people based on their demographics and niches such as job title and industry. Lastly, Twitter with its excellent B2B capabilities can add towards the growth of your brand.


While it all may seem fairly easy to use, choosing the perfect strategy for business development can be a cumbersome task for laymen. What’s the good part? We enjoy the process of exploring the features of each digital platform, ensuring their right mix for your brand to grow.

Audience Targeting

Defining a specific audience will ensure the most Return on Investments (ROI). Selecting the bidding strategy will only show positive results if the targeting is done correctly. Users can be segregated according to multiple demographics. The key is to be in their shoes and then go for persona based marketing.

One can tap into their location, social media habits, the terminology they use for conversing etc. Understanding how the user will react to a certain category of advertising is vital. The way they engage on various digital platforms can also provide valuable insights and data.

All this can sound a little mind boggling, but trust us to take care of every little detail when it comes to building the right target audience. Whether it is building a new consumer base or reinvigorating the existing one, we’ve got this.

Campaign Optimisation

This step is the foundation stone for successful bids. It involves choosing the most appropriate keywords, those which would be as close to the one used by the consumer to search for the product or service of their requirement. This step also includes competitor analysis. It is always helpful to know what’s working for the competitor. In some cases it also teaches us what not to do. Many people wouldn’t be interested in their competitors, but this cannot be ignored. PPC results can help analyse the strategy of your counterpart and provide valuable information to you with respect to their strategies.


Another important aspect of campaign optimising is evaluating the ad copies and extensions. Since this form of advertising is brief, one should gauge what would catch the reader’s attention. It’s always a better idea to test-run the creatives. Ad extensions provide extra information to your ads such as location or contact details. These are extremely advantageous as they increase credibility. Finally, Landing Pages also play a major role in the entire process of optimisation. Conversion rates would significantly increase if the landing page provides relevant information. Additionally, they should be user friendly and easy to navigate.


As technical as it may sound, these elements help in making the brand grow.

Analytics and Reporting

Before launching the above, it is necessary to have an analytics setup. Though a lot of effort goes into bidding strategies and optimisations, they would only be helpful in the long run if we have sufficient measures to assess their performances.


This helps track goal completions, such as a lead form submission or shopping cart purchase, using the URL destination goal type. They also help in identifying which ad words, ad extension worked to score better conversion rates. Be it the number of impressions, the clicks or the converts, evaluating each bid type is essential.


Our team loves to play with numbers and analytics is their favourite segment. You can rely on us to provide comprehensive brand reports and suggestions to tap into what has been favourable and what needs to be improved.