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How to ensure your revenue during COVID-19 Pandemic

After a long phase of lockdown, our government has initiated the unlocking phase. We all have to admit that COVID-19 has shown us the darkest hour of our lives. The year 2020 has hit us hard by the worst recession. Be it a small or a big business, everyone is suffering through significant losses.

Today in this blog we are going to explain the top 5 ways that each and every business should follow to secure their revenue.

1. Strong Leadership

The leader must take his/her team forward. A leader should stay calm at adverse conditions, otherwise, the whole team will fall apart. In this scenario, business leaders should guide their team and show the right way out.

If you are holding a leading role in your company then you must go through a self-assessment. Leaders should try to find out their weaknesses that can cause damages to their team. After figuring out your obstacles, try to rectify and restart the journey.

It’s suggested to hire a business coach if you lack strong leadership.They will be very helpful to you because they have the required skills and mindset to lead your business towards success. Be aware to stay miles away from fake gurus.

2. Brand Awareness & Digital Presence

In this digital era, you cannot make your brand stand a chance if you are still following the classical marketing techniques like pamphlet distribution, placards, and hoardings.

This is the age of neoclassical marketing and AI-based marketing. Businesses are going digital. Focusing on some flawless digital marketing tactics will surely give your business a clear edge.

Remember Google, Facebook, Insta, and Linkedin are the top-notch platforms. Every business should consider these platforms important for growth. These platforms help businesses to generate a decent amount of return on minimum investments. In the field of online marketing, the average ratio of return on investment is 4:1.

3. Healthy Relationship with Customers

A strong relationship with the customer is the secret to success. In this chaotic situation, brands must guide their customers about the unlocking process, aware people about the precautions they must take to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Don’t unnecessarily raise your product or service rates to gain unnatural profits. This is because the majority of people don’t have enough purchasing power. This situation has led to a huge scarcity of liquidity of cash.

Try to adopt the DSD (DoorStep Delivery) methodology in your business. This will make the customers get a sense of caring for having their products or services at their doorsteps.

Don’t forget to take feedback from your customers. It will help you to identify the shortcomings of your business. This will give you a chance to improve and provide better service.

4. A team of committed professionals

As we said that leadership is a crucial part of a business, but you need a team to be led towards success. If you have a good team then it doesn’t matter how big are the problems. Your team will help you overcome each of those obstacles.

The word good team stands for a team with good human beings. Now the question is how to select them? Follow the HR driven way to funnel those people in and uniform them according to your business goals. Listen to them and address their anxiety and needs.
In short, while you need to display solid leadership skills to survive this crisis, you also need good collective teamwork. You need the right (and committed) team to have your back.

5. Holding a good rank on SERP

Search Engine Optimization is no more a rocket science. But it has the power to skyrocket your business in no time. Nowadays people are very much dependent on the internet. In India, Google has a 98.3% search engine market share. Now imagine if your website is ranking on top of Google on a specific keyword, then a healthy Search Engine Optimization can generate never-ending traffic on your website.

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